Interview with Albert Jané from the winery Acústic

We talked with Albert Jané, from the winery Acústic, about the origin of his winery, his wines and the market situation in general. Do not miss his interesting points of view.

1.    Can you please explain the origins of the winery? How did everything start?
I come from a traditional winemaking family. In 2003, I decided to start my own project in Montsant wines, which I think is a very special area with a great heritage of old vines perfect for the production of great wines.

2.    Which is your flagship wine? What are you working at now and what future projects do you have?
We have no flagship wine. The four wines produced in our winery are made with the greatest care and commitment, and they are all equally loved, from Acústic Criança 2009 to Acústic Blanc 2010.
I am now working on a new project in Priorat and at the same time consolidating the one in Montsant even more.

3.    In your winemaking procedures, which are your winery’s differentiating elements with regard to others?
I don’t know… unplugged  and acoustic wines… wines with personality, with a special nature, which express the landscape and the tradition… all of them 100% from local varieties. That is my commitment with the tradition and with the local culture.

4.    Wine culture is in constant evolution. What should a winery do to adapt to these changes and to stay alive in the market?
One must love what he’s doing, be passionate of his work and devote himself entirely to it. That’s the way to be updated and to develop a dynamic and changing project. The day by day work is the greatest challenge.

5.    What do you think of the situation of the Spanish wine culture in the international market? What is the position of the Spanish market?
I think that there is an incredible potential in Catalonia and in Spain to produce really great wines with their own singularity. We have to stop copying French wines, believe in our varieties and sell our landscapes and our culture even more, with the greatest quality and proud!

6.    And in the case of your winery, do you bet for the international market? Is it easier than struggling for the national market at the moment?
Since the beginning, 80% of the sales are exports. Except from Catalonia, which is a great market, the Spanish market is still too classic and closed for Catalan wines.

Define yourself. 4 quick questions that will help us know you better:

1.    What do you prefer: red, white, rosé wine, cava or champagne?
It depends on the moment… but generally white and red wines.
2.   Which is your favourite designation of origin?
Montsant, Penedès , Priorat , Terra Alta.
3.    What is your favourite grape variety?
I prefer local varieties. I love Grenache, Carignan and Sumoll in red wines.
And Grenache or Xarel•lo for white wines.
4.   A young or an aged wine?
An aged wine but not very much disguised.

And to end up, just three wine or cava recommendations. Under 10, 30 and 50 euro.

Under 10 €

Jané Ventura Blanc Selecció 2010
Serè 2009 Vendrell-Rived Winery
Cava Huguet Gran Reserva Brut Nature 2005

Under 30 €

Jané Ventura Finca els Camps Ull de Llebre 2005
L’Olivera Brut Nature 2007, D.O Costers del Segre
Panses Mas de la Caçadora, D.O. Montsant

Under 50 €

Martinet Bru 2007 Mas Martinet, D.O Priorat
Joan d’Anguera 2007, D.O Monsant
Clos Mogador 2007, D.O Priorat

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