The 50 Great Cavas 2013, available exclusively at Decántalo

In this post, we want to share with you a very special piece of news: Decántalo will be the official store of the International publication The 50 Great Cavas 2013, published by Wine Pleasures, one of the world leaders in the dissemination of information on the world of wine and cava in English.


Wine Pleasures is in charge of the organisation of events of the stature of the International Wine Tourism Conference, that will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia, this year, as well as a large amount of workshops and professional encounters in which wine and cava are the leading subject.

This annual publication shows the history of cava, helps understanding the different kinds and elaboration methods, analyses which are the best production regions and recognise the best producers and best cavas of 2013.

Several tasters and experts from all over Spain collaborated in the publication of The 50 Great Cavas yearbook for 2013. After a blind tasting, they have rated a great number of cavas and finally got a list of the 50 best.

It seems that 2013 has been an exceptional year, since all of the cavas that are included in this publication have been rated with 91 points or more.

Many of the cavas that appear in this yearbook are elaborated in small wineries, with very low production and it is usually not easy to find them available in some countries. Therefore, we are very happy to help bringing these 50 gems closer to your place.

Discover the 50 Great Cavas 2013 with Decántalo.

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