Raúl Pérez chosen as the best winemaker in the world for 2015!

Last week, Raúl Pérez was chosen as the best winemaker in the world for 2015 by the trade publication Bettane+Desseauve at “Le Grand Tasting Shanghai”, an event that lasts for 2 days that brings professionals from around the globe together to the most populated city in China.


This type of recognition is not new for Raúl Pérez, having been selected as the best winemaker in the world by the specialist German magazine ‘Der Feinschmecker’ last year.

Raúl Pérez has become one of Spain’s most famous and well known winemakers. He is a tireless character who began his career producing wine in the early 90´s in his native Bierzo, working at the family Castro Ventosa winery with masters of the Mencía grape variety. Years later, still in El Bierzo, Pérez collaborated with Ricardo Pérez and Alvaro Palacios to help develop the first vintages of the Descendientes de J.Palacios. He later became technical director of the Bodegas Estenfanía, where he produced the wine Tilenus. Pérez has collaborated with many different wineries, working in many different areas, from El Bierzo, Rías Baixes, Monterrei and even South Africa, using his own grapes as well as purchased grapes.

The wines produced by Raúl Pérez are expressive, with low sulphur contents, unfiltered and not stabilised. He is known for producing wines that make the best of each terroir. Producing on a small scale, he has been able to experiment without big risks, which means his wines has become true pieces of worship for consumers, due to the hard work and dedication that has been applied to get them into the bottle.

So what wines by Raúl Pérez would we recommend? Starting with the family winery Castro Ventosa, where Pérez began his career as a winemaker, we recommend El Castro de Valtuille and Valtuille Cepas Centenarias, two spectacular mencías. Ultreia de Valtuille, another great Mencía wine, but this time produced at his own winery. Another Mencía, but this tiem from the DO Ribeira Sacra, we would recommend El Pecado.

But Raúl Pérez does not only produce red wine, he has also produced some superb white wines. A perfect example of this is Sketch, an Albariño that is aged under the sea.
Now his wines are made in limited production and are always sought after, so if you want to try any then you better hurry, because we simply don´t know how long they´ll last!

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