Bloom Festival by Comando G and Marañones

We were anxiously waiting for it! Last week, the Bloom Festival organised by Comando G and Marañones took place in Sierra de Gredos. In each edition, this unique event brings together great wine professionals from around the world. As always, and most importantly, wine plays the main role of a meeting full of learning, emotions and, of course, lots of music.

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The party started on Sunday. The hosts prepared a magnificent tour to visit the impressive sites of Comando G and Dani Landi in Sierra de Gredos. We leave towards Valle de Las Iruelas, where we find the site (in El Tiemblo) where Dani Landi makes the wine with the same name. While climbing the valley up to 1000 metres, we enjoyed the impressive views.

At the end of the path, we found Las Iruelas an old vineyard of 1.5 hectares planted with Grenache, and a surprise. This year, to be able to interpret the variety of soils in their vineyards, Fer and Dani gave us a unique opportunity, with the presence of Pedro Parra, from Chile, one of the world’s leading experts in this area. The terroir expert had dug a hole 3 metres deep to show us the benefits of soils comprised of slate, quartz and red clay, mixed with roots that reached the bottom.

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The next destination was Rumbo al Norte. We went to Alto Alberche, more specifically to the top of Navarrevisca, where we found one of the most breathtaking vineyards we have ever seen. The landscape is completely different from the one in Tiemblo. It is a land full of large granitic rocks, disorganised and chaotic, where the superpowers of nature created an authentic visual spectacle at the source of this glacial valley.

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Among these rocks, the disintegrated granite has turned into sand where they planted the Grenache vines. It doesn’t surprise that this is where one of the finest, direct and sublime Grenaches of Spain and the whole world comes from. The rectitude of the granite combines perfectly with the contribution of the silt that balances the acidity and provides that silky touch. In this special place, we had the privilege of tasting this wine along with others from the winery.

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After spending all the morning among vineyards, we headed towards Castillo de Coracero, in San Martín de Valdeiglesias. There, we had the chance to attend the tasting commemorating 10 years of the Comando G project, also with the participation of Marañones. Ten different wines that reflect what Fer and Dani are today and how their professional and personal experiences are transmitted in each of the vintages. It was a pleasure to see their excellent evolution, which is leading them to position great wines in the international wine scene and to make Sierra de Gredos known to the world. As memorable moments, we highlight Rumbo al Norte 2013, Las Iruelas 2012 and El Tamboril 2012.

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On Monday, the bloom festival was located in the site ​​Peña Caballera belonging to the winery Bodega Marañones, the name of one of the Grenaches that took us by surprise in its first vintage of 2010. In the morning, we were able to taste the wines of the invited wineries; all with a common denominator, the emotion that their wines give off. We highlight Olivier RiviereEnvínate, Sara y Rene Jr (Venus la Universal) and Rafael Palacios. Among other large producers such as Roulot from Burgundy, Anna Martens from Sicily or Chacra from Patagonia.

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After dinner, the concerts began: Los Limbos, Wine Drinkers y MFC Chicken. A party that was obviously paired with great wines! Once again, we would like to thank Fer and Dani and the Marañones winery for such a great time. We are already waiting for the next bloom festival!

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