We visit the Best Wines of Spain Show 2018, Peñín Guide

As we mentioned last year, we have again visited the Show organized by the Guide in its 19th edition for wines rated by Peñín; an event not to be missed for benchmark wineries from the Spanish wine scene and for the leading representatives from the world of wine. The event was once again a success in terms of those attending and as a meeting place for professionals.


On this occasion we were able to continue enjoying the traditional wines, and best of all for us, discovering new wineries and wines that we will gradually incorporate into our catalog. Among others, we should highlight:

Artuke: Artuke continues to improve year after year. They have introduced three new wines, from two different pagos, which are incorporated into the Fincas de los Locos range. Their names are “La Condenada”, “El Escodallero” and “Las Mañas”, in which the Tempranillo grape prevails. The three are expressed differently, although they have a common denominator – their fineness.

Bernabeleva: The repertoire of wine, both white and red, that the 2016 Bernabeleva vintage offers, is impressive. Fine, light and filled with nuances by the thousand. Among the whites “Navaherreros Blanco de Bernabeleva” stands out, and in the reds “Carril del Rey” is notable for its fluid complexity.

Contador Winery: Benjamín Romeo continues his commitment to concentrated wines, although each time the tannins are gentler in their youth; something which his second market vintage “Colecciones” demonstrates. “El predicador”, his entry in the range, is included in this new philosophy of the winery, resulting in a wine that has volume but without losing the ‘long drink’.

Telmo Rodríguez wine company: We wanted to check how the Telmo Rodríguez plots in La Rioja have evolved. This is a winery that gets better and better, year after year. The second vintage from its new plots didn’t disappoint us: Tabuerniga, La Estrada and El Velado, which have improved in terms of both quality and precision.

Dominio del Águila: It’s always a pleasure to taste this winery’s great wines again. Its “Peña Salada 2012” wine is expected to have a great aging capacity. We should also highlight the “Picaro del Águila 2015” claret for its structure and depth.

Diez-Caballero: A small winery located in El Ciego that we wanted to try and that didn’t disappoint us. Aged and reserve wines produced in a classical way, with great respect paid to highlighting the fruit. You’ll be able to try it soon in Decántalo.

Hacienda Solano: A winery that has only recently been included in the Decántalo catalog. Toni Sarrión, an oenologist from Mustiguillo, also advises on the production of its wines. Here he stamps his personality, while respecting the fruit more than the aging at all times.

Hacienda El Ternero: A winery located in the Burgos part of La Rioja, standing out for its aged wines and light reserves. The aged wine is one of the freshest in the region.
Fento wines & Zárate: This winery has no limits, and vintage after vintage demonstrates this. In this edition we were impressed by “Carralcoba 2016”, due to its straightness, depth and salinity.

Soto y Manrique: Located in Cebreros, Ávila, it produces a very tasty Grenache at an unbeatable price (what more can you ask for?). As a novelty, this year the winery has created a very fresh and drinkable albillo.

Terra d’Uro: A winery pertaining to the Denomination of Origin Toro is one of our favorites from the DO. It keeps its balance in a region where wines tend to have a high concentration. “Finca la Rana” is true to this style, maintaining the optimum point of structure, accompanied by spicy notes.

Marques de Murrieta: An indispensable Rioja winery, as attested by its great wines; from its reserve to its “Castillo de Ygay”, all filled with elements that are typical of the winery and its territory.

Suertes del Marqués: The new vintages that we were able to taste points the way towards wines that are deeper, more open and more fluid. Its “El Trenzado” white wine proves this.

It has been a pleasure once again to have been invited to this unmissable Spanish wine event. Until next year!

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