2018 Parker Ratings : Aragón, Gredos and Navarra

At the end of 2018 Robert Parker published his final report on Aragón, Gredos and Navarra. Three areas where the Grenache variety is indigenous and is revealing the best of itself. This is demonstrated by the 100 points awarded to Rumbo al Norte from the Comando G winery in Gredos. The more refined style that wines made with this variety are acquiring leads to them being compared to the Pinot Noir from Mediterranean climates.

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In the different DOs covered by this region, Luis Gutiérrez sees a significant change in the style of wines produced, from over-matured and structured wines to wines that are more balanced. The wineries that stand out are Bodegas Frontonio in Valdejalón, with an important leap in quality compared to the last report. El Escocés Volante in Calatayud and Cuevas de Arom in Campo de Borja.


This region, which still remains part of different communities and DOs, could actually form a single Denomination. Among them is the recently released Cebreros. In this denomination Luis nominates Soto y Manrique, which the Cebreros cooperative has acquired to develop its different wines, such as Naranja y Azules Garnacha 2017 with 92 points. In the same Cebreros Viñedos del Jorco also stands out, with a renewed image and a new range focusing on the local wines.

The Bernabeleva winery also has very good scores, producing lighter and more precise wines year after year. Its plot-grown wines like Garnacha de Viña Bonita 2016, with 96 points, are a good indication of this.

The Marañones winery also finds itself a niche among the most outstanding wineries in the Gredos area. Its top wine Peña Caballera 2016 has obtained 96 points and its Albillo white Pies Descalzos 2017, 93 points.

But the big news from the Gredos area has been the 100 points obtained by Rumbo al Norte 2016 from Comando G. One of the most breathtaking vineyards in the peninsula, located on a Martian setting surrounded by granite rocks and resting on decomposed granite sand. Not falling short either are the other “Grand Crus” from the winery, such as Tumba del rey Moro with 97 points, or those that are bottled under the Daniel Landi Viticultor label, like Las Iruelas 2016, with 96 points. Their vino de pueblo La Bruja de Rozas 2016 also stands out, with 93.


From this denomination, Luis Gutiérrez highlights three wineries in this report: Domaine de Lupier; the Artadi winery in the Artazu area and Viña Zorzal. In Artazu he has seen a change of style in the production, which has gone from a more over-mature style to a more defined style, as shown by the 94 points for Santa Cruz de Artazu.

Within Navarre, the greatest improvement has been found in Viña Zorzal, with its single-variety wines such as Viña Zorzal Graciano 2016, which has obtained 90, or the wine that has attracted his attention the most Viña Zorzal Malayeto 2016, with 94 points, which, as Luis says, is a wine to buy whole boxes of.


And so concludes Luis Gutiérrez’s last 2018 report for Wine Advocate. A bombshell that puts Spanish Grenaches at the pinnacle of the world’s great wines. Bravo!

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