The sale of en primeur wines: the 2013 vintages are already for sale!

We’ve got some great news for lovers of fine wine! The en primeur prices for some of the best Spanish wines on the market were announced just a couple days ago!

This way of buying wine is especially suited for wine lovers who wish to take full advantage of savings and that are in no rush to enjoy their wine, which is still not available at the time of purchase.


As previously mentioned, buying en primeur allows you to access select wines at a much lower price, ensuring yourself a bottle of some of the most sought after and prestigious wines available.

Buy the wine now and receive it when it is ready in the summer of 2015.

Discover all the 2013 en primeur wines on our website and get ready to enjoy discounts of up to 50 percent of their final price.

If you can’t decide which wine to choose, here are three suggestions:

Moncerbal 2013. This DO Bierzo 2013 vintage represents a return to the land of Bierzo’s origins. It is the fruit of a difficult year in which these great winemakers found themselves having to demonstrate all their knowledge and flexibility.

While we are on the topic of great Bercían winemakers, let’s not forget Álvaro Palacios and Ricardo Pérez of the Descendientes de J. Palacios winery. Take advantage of the new Moncerbal vintage, one of this winery’s jewels, for only €63.80, at about 50 percent of the final price.

Finca Dofí 2013. A very cold winter and spring were followed by one of the driest and warmest summers in the DOCa Priorat’s record-breaking year. This is one more reason to buy one of this denomination’s greatest wines:  the Finca Dofí, of the Priorat’s own Álvaro Palacios winery. Buying this wine en primeur will save you over €30. It will be available in September 2015.

Victorino 2013. Just like in the Priorat, DO Toro is also expecting an excellent vintage. It rained when it needed to and temperatures were just right during the whole harvest. If you would like to see the results of this fantastic vintage for yourself, we recommend you try one of Teso La Monja’s greatest wines: the 2013 Victorino. Not to mention you will save over 30 percent by buying en primeur.

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