The 50 Great Cavas 2014 are now exclusively available at Decántalo

We have released some great news this week! We have kicked off the week with the release of the 4th annual addition of The 50 Great Cavas, after a good reputation last year, Decántalo will be the official store once again.

50 Great Cavas 2014 was created by the Wine Pleasures team, one of the leading English language references for information about the Cava world and wine, and they are also responsible for world-class wine events, like the International Wine Tourism Conference and this year they held La Champange, France.


It has become a custom that the 50 Best Cavas of 2014 are selected after various blind tasting sessions with all the Cava samples they have received, afterwards they compile a list of the top 50.

The annual publication, free and available in e-book format (click on this link), also represents a great opportunity to spread information about the Cava tradition, types and methods of production; analysing different areas and recognizing the best wineries of the year.

Many of the Cavas in this selection are usually difficult to find, therefore we are excited to be able to collaborate and bring these gems to your homes.

Another new feature is that the publication of these 50 Great Cavas 2014 coincide with the organization of the first edition of the 50 Great Cava Tour, a Wine Tour where some of the best bloggers and wine professionals come together in Penedés to discover the winning Cavas as well as experiencing the environment and winemaking tradition of the area.

We are delighted to welcome bloggers of reference, like Lara Dunston y Terence Carter (Gran Tourismo), Terry Sullivan (Wine Trail Travel), Andrew Barrow (Spittoon), Marcy Gordon (Come for the Wine), or Kathy Sullivan (A Wine Tourist’s Guide). All of this week we will publish a broad coverage of how the event goes on our blog.

Click here to discover the 50 Great Cavas of 2014 at Decántalo

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