Get your Peñin Guide, the most specialised guide on Spanish wines, for free at Decántalo

Decántalo and Guía Peñín offer you the most complete Spanish Wine Guide.

2 English and 2 German guides will be drawn each week (according to language of purchase)* among all the purchases conducted, so that you don’t miss the best wine recommendations this year.

With more than twenty-year history and more than 500.000 copies sold in its 21 editions, the Peñín Guide to Spanish Wines, is the most complete guide to Spanish wines in the world. Thanks to its more than 9,400 wines tasted and more than 2,000 wineries listed, along with all its information and its didactic handbook on tasting, this guide has become the perfect tool for amateurs and professionals.

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*Drawing terms and conditions (Limited to 1 Guide per user)

José Peñín, renowned journalist and expert writer on wine culture, founded “Cluve”, one of the first wine clubs in Spain in 1975, and “Bouquet”, the first magazine devoted to the dissemination of Spanish wines in 1980. Since 1980, when he published “Manual de los vinos españoles” (Handbook on Spanish Wines), one of the first best-sellers on wine, he has published more than 15 books.
Nowadays he directs the magazine “Sibaritas” and presides the Group Peñín, which keeps publishing the “Peñín Guide on Spanish Wines”, the most complete guide on Spanish wines worldwide.

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  1. WH Demandt says:

    Made a purchase on june 13th. I like to wine a free Penin guide 2011. This would be very nice!!!

    Regards from the Netherlands

  2. Juergen Baldenecker says:

    After my stay in Spain, I would now like to know more about the delicious, fantastics great wines. The Spanish Wines have made ​​a very great development. To inform is the right choice the Peñin Guide.
    Made purchase on 11.10.2011

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