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Well February is now over, lasting 29 days since as we are on a leap year, but March has arrived. As always, a new month means new wines at Decántalo. We are bringing you a superb new range of wines, ranging from the classics of the Rioja region to wines from the Canary Islands made using native grape varieties

Are you ready? Here we go!
We will start with Habla de la Tierra, the new vintage from the small winery Habla. This wine is from Extremadura and is produced using Cabernet Franc and Tempranillo grapes, grown on slate soils that are little fertile. This is a fresh and slightly fruity wine.

Our second wine comes from the hands of the Bodega Albanico. Herencia Altés Garnatxa from the 2013 vintage. It´s previous vintage scored outstanding 91 Parker points, and at €7 a bottle its little wonder it sold superbly. It is a young from the Terra Alta, frity and sweet tannins.

Now it is time for a classic. Ramón Bilbao Reserva. A wine from La Rioja that is aged for 18months in American Oak Barrels, followed by 18 months in the bottle. It is made using Tempranillo grapes, with a small percentage of Mazuela and Graciano. So what do you say to this classic Rioja?

El Molar. A new vintage of this wine, from Jumilla, produced by the Casa Castillo winery. This wine has character, made with Grenache grapes that grew on poor soils, limestone, in an area home to an arid climate. The 2013 Vintage scored an impressive 93 Park Points, so we are intrigued to see how this new vintage turns out!

Next, Barón de Ley Gran Reserva is launching a new vintage, the 2008. A red Wine Gran Reserva from La Rioja, made using only Tempranillo grapes and aged for 2 years in French and American oak barrels, followed by another 3 years in the bottle. A fantastic example of the long ageing process famous in La Rioja.

Tridente Prieto Picudo. A wine produced by the Bodega Triton using one of the unfairly lesser-known grapes in Spain, the Prieto Picudo. A widespread grape in the region of Castilla-León, but not well known outside of the area. It is a grape that is not too dissimilar to Tempranillo grapes from La Rioja, from which very aromatic wines are produced.

We continue our list with Plaer. A wine produced by Celler Ritme in the D.O. Priorat. This is a very expressive wine, grown from slate floors that Priorat is famed for, giving the wine a very special mineraltiy. This wine ages for 12 months in French Oak Barrels.

From Priorat we then return back to La Rioja. Arriving at Sierra Cantabria, one of the most interesting wineries in the region, we present the new vintage of Sierra Cantabria Colección Privada. This is a marvellous riojan wine, different. It is forceful yet delicate at the same time. This is a wine you have to try at least once in your life.

Suertes del Marqués El Ciruelo is a wine from the D.O Valle de la Orotava, a region in the Canary Islands. Yes before you ask, the Canaries also produced superb wines! This wine is a blend of black Listán, a variety found only on the islands, and white Listán, the name given to the Palomino variety typical to Jerez on these islands. This is an elegant wine that grows on volcanic soils. A true wonder.

To finish of our list we have a wine that is sure to thrill. La Cueva del Contador, produced at the hands of the great Benjamin Romeo. A modern Riojan wine, with personality, sense. A real gem produced by Benjamin Romeo, who achieved 100 Parker points two years in a row for his wine Contador, a first for a Spanish wine.

And here the news of this month. We hope you enjoy them :)






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