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“Never cast a clout till May be out.” And never better said. This year, night frosts have caused severe damages in a lot of winegrowing areas of northern Spain. We are very sad about this, so we have decided to brighten your soul by bringing you some appealing novelties.

Flow Blanco 2016: we have just received the new vintage of one of the most fluid wines of Empordà, prepared mostly with Carignan. Yes, you read right; a white wine mostly produced with red wine grape and with no additives. Are you going to miss out?

Guímaro Godello 2016: in the Amandi subarea, in the Ribeira Sacra, one the most spectacular territories in the denomination, Pedro makes this white wine from local grapes, mainly Godello. A fresh and mineral personality, provided by slate soils, which will take you to the vineyards located on the steep slopes of the canyon of the river Sil.

Viña Tondonia Blanco 2004: we could not leave this wine behind. A wine produced through tradition and patience. María José López de Heredia did not cease to advocate for this type of wine, even when it was forgotten for years. Nowadays, her wines are very demanded. Each vintage that is left to age in her winery makes them even more appetising. This 2004 Reserva was born in an excellent year for the area. For those who like fine and complex white wines, this is a good choice.

De Sol a Sol Airén 2011: we are thrilled to present Juan Luis Villanueva’s wines. A humble, down-to-earth man, committed to the land. Century-old vines, semi-arid climate and the old deposits where it is produced in an old-fashioned way (several months in contact with the skins and no other kind of oenological product), directly take you to another time and place. A wine with soul, sometimes forgotten and sometimes impressive, but very lively. Don’t miss the chance to try it!

Pétalos del Bierzo 2015: born from the 16th harvest of Ricardo and Álvaro Palacios in El Bierzo, this wine is the base of the entire quality pyramid created by these winemakers when they arrived in the area and divided the Corullón vineyards into sites. The grapes, mostly Mencía (94%), with some white grape and Alicante Bouschet, come from several municipalities of El Bierzo. A wine that can be drunk now or left in the winery for longer. An unforgettable wine of this area.

Los Comuns Estrem 2014: we present you with this young project of Priorat, created with the aim of re-interpreting the scenery in a true way. This area provides low pH that helps protect wine and create wonderful natural wines, in this case, through carbonic maceration. Results are extraordinary: fruit, warmth and subtleness. A Priorat wine that is greatly enjoyed.

Marqués de Murrieta Gran Reserva 2010: A new vintage from a great winery/institution of Rioja. Located in Logroño, this wine is part of one the most classical concepts that exist in the DO Gran Reserva. A long ageing process in barrels stabilises wine in a natural way. Only in excellent vintages, like this one from 2010.

Dido La Universal 2015: new vintages from the winning couple, Sara Pérez and Rene Barbier Junior, are always welcome here. In this occasion, it is turn for Dido 2015 red wine. A combination of varieties and soils, where fruit prevails. The months it spends in barrels make it more complex. A wine that clearly let’s us know what a Montsant should be.

Vinos Subterráneos VS 01 2014: A small gem from the heart of the Rioja Alavesa has just arrived at the Decantalo headquarters. A wine that is born from the ideas of young creators who are enthusiastic about re-interpreting the past and taking it into the future. According to them, the olden days were better in La Rioja.

Colet Navazos Extra Brut Reserva 2012: Two areas, each with a different winemaking process, mark the territory of these two wineries. The “velo de flor” (flor or yeast film), in the case of Equipo Navazos, and the second fermentation, on behalf of Colet in Penedés, come together to created one the sparkling wines with most personality of the Iberian Peninsula. Made from Chardonnay and with a Manzanilla and mature Manzanilla finish; a master touch.

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