JUAN GIL BLANCO, Juan Gil’s white wine

With this post, we open a new series of articles based on the tastings held at Decántalo by our team. Each week, we will be holding a tasting of wines that you can find on our website, new wines or wines that will join our catalogue soon. We want to share our experiences with you.

This first weekend, we tasted a white wine that surprised us: the new white wine by Juan Gil, the Juan Gil Moscatel Seco, made ​​of Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains. In general, we were surprised by its elegance, smoothness and freshness.

At sight, we found it very bright, with a delicate very pale straw yellow colour.

In the nose, the first impact was its notes of peach and apricot, which gave way to tropical touches (we found an outstanding lychee) and subtle citrus aromas. Gradually, some embracing floral notes appeared. After a while, we found some refreshing herbal hints.

In the mouth, it was… amazing. Tasty, elegant, fresh, dry (but not as dry as some expected). A remarkable smoothness and creamy texture were also noticed. The notes of fruit had a good presence, but were exceeded by the intensity of its citrus aromas. More complex. A balanced wine with a good acidity and an extremely persistent finish.

We agreed that this is a very versatile wine that could be served both with a good paella or with a baked fish with sauce. Or maybe with grilled seafood and some vegetables, with a Normandy styled roasted chicken or with a salted loin. Or even alone: a glass when arriving home. Of course, if possible, next to the seaside and under a good sun. Oh the summer!

It is worthy to highlight its excellent value for money. For only 5.55€ we can enjoy a fantastic white wine.

We hope that you try it and please, share your opinion with us. See you next time!

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