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There is no doubt that this Mediterranean island has a very attractive seaside with white sand and crystalline water, but Mallorca invites us to go further and combine holidays in the beach with visits to old wineries, a pleasant stay in the countryside or unforgettable gastronomical dates in which one can enjoy the great richness of the Spanish wines produced in this island.

During the last years, the production of Mallorca wines has incredibly risen. Nowadays, there are approximately 60 wineries in the island, which produced more or less 300 wines. They stand out for the use of local varieties, some of which disappeared and have recently been recovered: red grape varieties such as Callet, Manto Negro or Fogoneu and white grape varieties like Premsal (also known as Moll).

In Mallorca, there are two different Designations of Origin: the Designation of Origin Binissalem and the Designation of Origin Pla i Llevant. Both guaranty the geographical origin of the wines classified under these D.O.s, that they are produced with the varieties included in their regulations and that they comply with strict quality controls.

Nevertheless, there are many wineries which grow, research and take care of old recovered varieties of vines, stocks typical from other regions but which have perfectly adapted to the soils and climate of this area. These wines are classified as Vi de la Terra.

Within this classification, we find the winery ÀN Negra, located at the South-East of the Island. Its wines are elaborated in an old building from the 13th century, located next to the village of Felanitx, which had from the very beginning a place devoted to the production of the wine consumed by the people. The wine production culture has been preserved in this place ever since.  Thanks to the climate, the soils and the local varieties, this winery obtains singular, sincere wines with a great personality. This and with the will to offer a maximum quality product are the premises of the winery ÀN Negra.

From this winery, we recommend an aged wine, Anima Negra 2008, and a young one, AN/2 2009.  A very advisable white wine is also produced: Quibía 2010.

Within the D.O. Pla i Llevant, the winery run by Miquel Gelabert is also a must. It combines the most modern technologies with the most traditional crafted winemaking, with the aim of drawing the best out of their grapes and produced wines with their own character and identity. From the first vintages, these wines got important awards and have been praised both in and out of the Spanish borders. Nowadays, Miquel Gelabert keeps pioneering in the research of local varieties and in the research of grapes typical of other locations.

From this winery, we must highlight wines such as Vinya des More Pinot Noir 2006 and Gran Vinya Son Caules 2003.  We cannot either forget to mention white wines such as Golós 2009 or Sa Vall Selección Privada Blanc 2008.

The winery 4 Kilos Vinícola is the perfect one to close this post. It is a benchmark of the development of winemaking in Mallorca. Its wines enjoy a great and deserved prestige. The work at this winery is not subject to fix regulations but changes vintage after vintage depending of the harvest. Of course, we cannot close this post without mentioning the well-known 12 Volts and 4 Kilos, the last of which has a very limited production.

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Finally, if you are already an expert in this region and you fan this Island’s wines, why don’t you add a comment with your own suggestions and practical details to discover this island throughout its wonderful wines? What would you start with?

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