Decántalo’s wine suggestions for the next Mothering Day

The next 6th May is Mother’s Day in Spain and it will also be held soon in other countries such as Belgium (13 May) or France (3 June). As we are sure that your mother deserves everything, we want to help you finding the best present for her.
Mothers, we do not need much to be happy: a smile, a hug or just a knowing look,… But on this occasion, we could give it along with a bottle of a Spanish wine or cava that she likes, which will make her eyes shine in happiness? She will know that you thought of HER.
You might know what she likes better than anybody else, but we may help you.
A Bierzo red wine such as Corral del Obispo, very tasty, mellow, intense and embracing: such as your mother. Or an intense, powerful and elegant wine, like Peraj Ha’abib, also known as the Flor de Primavera, in case your mother is “a flower in the garden”.
If your mother prefers a great white wine, there is nothing that she will like more than the Eterna Flor, the Capricho Val de Paxariñas or a Corazón Loco Blanco. In case you need a rosé wine, let’s get the Rosa de Raventós i Blanc or maybe, Barbarosa.
You can also raise a toast with a great cava, such as Recaredo Intens Rosat or try to find a wine or a cava with her name: Elisabeth, Rosa or Rose, Mireia, Berta or Bertha, among many others.
At our Spanish wine online shop, you can send it along with an elegant gift card in which you can include all the words that you wish to dedicate to your mother.
Congratulation Mum! Thanks a lot and a huge hug.

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