10 wines you need to try this autumn for under €10

We are enjoying the last days of summer and autumn is about to start. Gastronomically speaking, it is a great season. Temperatures start to fall and food tends to be more elaborate and warm, so we tend to look for wines that have more structure and substance. These are the wines we suggest for autumn, and they also have a great value for money:


Cullerot 2017: This wine produced by Celler del Roure is a clear example that warmth is not at odds with freshness. The ageing of part of the grapes with their skins gives this wine an interesting structure. A great wine for this time of the year.

Herencia Altés Garnatxa Blanca 2017: The White Grenache has a good complexity when it comes to aroma and taste. It is therefore perfect for this season: volume, a bitter touch and a fresh finish.

La Maldición Malvar de Valdilecha 2017: Marc Isart is a great connoisseur of the local varieties of Madrid. On this occasion, we present the Malvar grape, a variety that makes for aromatic and fresh wines, and to which Marc adds extra complexity macerating it with the skins a few days.

LZ 2017: LZ 2017 proves that ageing in cement deposits can add complexity to the wine without making it lose its freshness. Furthermore, if it is made with some of the more tannic varieties such as Tempranillo and Graciano, along with the touch of Telmo Rodríguez, this wine is a must.

El Inquilino Crianza 2014: Viña Zorzal has taken one step forward and has moved to La Rioja to offer us this wine from the Najerilla Valley. It adheres to the same philosophy, but it adds Tempranillo and Grenache from the area, a fruity part, and another part of tertiary aromas thanks to its 12 months of ageing in barrels that gives it that warm touch.

Prima 2016: the entry wine of Mariano García in his Toro winery, Maurodos. A must if you want to taste the one of the greatest of this winery. Round and juicy tannins from the Tinta de Toro and its subsequent ageing.

Petit Pittacum 2017: Pittacum produced this Mencía wine with a short ageing that gives it very elegant velvety tones. Ideal to be paired with autumn aperitifs in good company.

Mineral del Montsant 2016: Mediterranean essence bottled with the local varieties Grenache and Carignan. A good wine to get to know the Montsant thanks to renowned oenologist Tomàs Cusiné.

Llàgrimes de Tardor 2015: As its name suggests, these autumn tears (llàgrimes) will perfectly fill your senses. Carignan and Grenache from the area of ​​Terra Alta aged for 12 months in barrels. Capricho de otoño.

Vizcarra Roble Senda de Oro 2017: Year after year, the Vizcarra family manages to better interpret the Tinto Fino variety and the places that surround it. They pay attention to every detail to offer us the best of the area, as is the case of this Senda de Oro, the youngest of the wine family, but cherished nonetheless. A good Ribera wine at an excellent price.

Come in, have a drink and enjoy autumn!

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