Large formats: Wine in Magnum and Jeroboam formats, among others.

Wine is one of those pleasures that are enjoyed when shared. This is why we have updated our catalogue with these kinds of formats, so that you can enjoy good wines with great company: for example, wine in Magnum format or 3-litre wine bottles. Below we mention some factors that make these kind of formats more appealing.

First of all we will present the different sizes there are. The most famous one is the Magnum, which, due to its usability, is one of the most widely used formats. There are also others like Jeroboam or Matusalem, which we present in the following infographic:


One of the most remarkable features of the large formats is the better ageing of wine inside the bottle due to the fact that is has less contact with oxygen. It is perfect to preserve great wines, so it is usually a format sought by collectors.

In the range of sparkling wines, Magnums formats enable a completely different and more expensive ageing. Due to its different size, it does not fit in the normal or automated riddling racks where it goes through the second fermentation. Therefore, the tasks performed in the second aeging are manual.

This is why quantities do matter. Whether you want to celebrate an event with more people than usual, or whether you want to keep them so that they are refined in the bottle, they are a very good choice.

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