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The Top 10 of the best Cavas

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Cava is one of the most versatile wines that we can find. Traditionally linked to celebrations, it has been with us for many years, accompanying any meal throughout the day. We find young and fresh cavas, cavas with more body … Continuar leyendo

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5 perfect Cava gifts that won’t leave you feeling indifferent

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Hopefully at this stage nobody won’t mind if we affirm that Cava is currently experiencing an all-time high. A few years ago and ever since, some of our most international sparkling wines have not stopped receiving praise from all four … Continuar leyendo

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Biodynamic wines- What are they? How are they made?

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Up until recently, we have watched as the wine industry experiences a revolution in traditional winemaking methods. A return to basics in many cases, with the ultimate objective of obtaining wines with identity, personality, which are environmentally friendly and less … Continuar leyendo

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The 50 Great Cavas 2014 are now exclusively available at Decántalo

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We have released some great news this week! We have kicked off the week with the release of the 4th annual addition of The 50 Great Cavas, after a good reputation last year, Decántalo will be the official store once … Continuar leyendo

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Gramona Enoteca Brut Nature 2000, the best Cava in the world at CSWWC 2014.

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Great news for Cavas Gramona, one of the most preferred wineries by our clients, a few days ago, looked like its Enoteca Brut Nature 2000 was going to get the title for the best cava in the world at CSWWC … Continuar leyendo

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