Blackwood Vintage Dry Gin 60 %

Blackwood Vintage Dry Gin 60 %
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Blackwood Vintage Dry Gin 60 %

Available sizes of Blackwood Vintage Dry Gin 60 %

  • Blackwood Vintage Dry Gin 60 %
    26,45 IVA inc.

  • Blackwood Vintage Dry Gin 60 %
    26,45 IVA inc.

Characteristics of Blackwood Vintage Dry Gin 60 %

In a privileged environment surrounded by overwhelming nature with dramatic cliffs, and where seals and otters quietly play, this wonderful gin is made. We're talking about the Shetland Islands in Scotland, where Blackwood's Distillery create a truly artisan gin every year, whose botanicals are carefully picked by hand, following a rigourous sustainable process that respects the environment. This gin, the only one in the world collected by hand, won the double gold medal in the San Francisco Spirits Competition in 2009. The wild botanicals that fuse with the alcohol are angelica, sea pink, marsh marigold, meadowsweet, juniper, coriander, citrus peel, cinnamon, liquorice and nutmeg. This traditional process depends entirely on the weather conditions on the Islands, which allows Blackwood to surprise their customers with a slightly new gin each year. Unlike Blackwood Vintage, this gin is produced by distilling barley.
Alcohol: 60.0%

Tasting notes Blackwood Vintage Dry Gin 60 %

Sight Very clean. Nose A herbal, floral aroma. Taste A smooth flavour with intense herbal notes.


Production area Scotland

Distillery Blackwood's Distillery

Other spirits from production area Scotland