Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin
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Aviation Gin

Available sizes of Aviation Gin

  • Aviation Gin
    24,95 IVA inc.

  • Aviation Gin
    24,95 IVA inc.

Characteristics of Aviation Gin

The idea for Aviation Gin was born at a small party in West Seattle in the summer of 2005, when Ryan Magarin found discovered an infused gin that was different from anything he'd ever tried. He quickly contacted his supplier, House Spirits Distilling. Seeing a common goal, House Spirits distillers joined forces with Ryan to create a gin with a regional feel. In June of 2006, after nearly 30 rounds of trials, Aviation Gin took its final form. It is widely recognized as the first alliance between a distiller and a barman in the United States.

This gin is made from botanicals such as juniper, which defines all gins-- cardamom, which contributes citric, forest and ginger notes-- lavender notes, that contribute floral sweetness-- sarsaparilla, that invigorates the senses-- coriander, which gives it a citric touch, sage and ginger-- anise seeds, giving it a slight liquorice touch-- and finally orange rind, which gives it structure and impetus.

Alcohol: 42.0%

Tasting notes Aviation Gin

Sight Crystal. Nose A complex aroma with citric and floral touches. Taste The zarzaparilla contributes a sweet and complex mid palate. The citric notes come from the cardamom and coriander. Touches of liquorice are also prominent.


Production area U.S.A.

Distillery Aviation American Gin

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