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A tradition for wine and a capacity for innovation

Initially born with the name Molí Coloma more than three decades ago, the trajectory of Bodegas Sumarroca has been so meteoric that in a few years it has positioned itself as a reference intimately linked to the new winegrowing era of Penedés; more modern and cosmopolitan. A great team of professionals behind an innovative family, which has brought together the passion for the land, determination to cultivate it, tradition and innovative will, feelings and reasoning. At Sumarroca they work towards materialising its creator's philosophy: to improve the quality of production to achieve innovative wines and cavas, with character and balance.

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Sumarroca Chardonnay 2019

Spain   D.O. Penedès (Catalonia)

Sumarroca Chardonnay 2019
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Sumarroca Chardonnay 2020

Spain   D.O. Penedès (Catalonia)

Sumarroca Chardonnay 2020
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Sumarroca Il·lògic 2020

100% Xare·lo, 100% Penedès

Spain   D.O. Penedès (Catalonia)

Sumarroca Il·lògic 2020
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More about Sumarroca

The origins of the winegrowing vocation of the wineries can be found in the town of Llimiana, in Pallars Jussà. This is where several generations of the Sumarroca family cultivated the vineyard, which they still do in the region of Penedés. At the beginning of the 80s, this family-run winery moved to Penedés, where it acquired the farms Molí Coloma with 36 hectares, in Subirats, and Heretat Sabartés with 25 hectares, in Banyeres del Penedès.

In 1983, the production facilities were located in Mas Molí Coloma, where they started to make cava and white wines. However, the important leap of the company takes place in 1999, when the Sumarroca family purchased the old property of Marqués de Monistrol, with 403.8 hectares of vineyard in one single area. It was renamed Finca Sumarroca and it is the most extensive farm in the whole region of Penedés owned by a winegrower.


History of the winery

Bodega Sumarroca is built around a farmhouse built in the 15th century. It is located inside the farm Molí Coloma, iwith 40 hectares, in Barrio El Rebato, municipality of Subirats, in the surroundings of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. In its beginnings, the winery's philosophy was almost exclusively directed to the production of white varietal wines from renown international varieties and cavas with personality. All this led them to perform a study on the winemaking possibilities of Penedés and of the owned farms. Here, defining the soils was a difficult task but, however, it allowed them to experiment with the different climate areas. They chose to implement international white varieties cultivated in areas with different climatology and according to the features of each plant. Then, with a lot of effort, constant research, a lot of perseverance, as well as patience, continuous investment and wishing to do things properly, each grape variety became the primary element in the development and production of different wines.

The first wines focused on the 37 hectares of vineyard of the farm Finca Molí Coloma and another 25 of the second farm Finca Sabartés. However, the purchase in 1999 of the sole 403 hectares of vineyards from the farm of Marqués de Monistrol meant they had to re-think the potential linked to the growth of the winery.

Even so, Sumarroca makes some wines in other denominations of origin, based on their experience in vineyard management. It is a methodical task carried out by the Technical Department of Sumarroca, directed by Òscar Llombart. Thanks to this work they do, Sumarroca is involved in vineyards, winegrowing and winemaking in La Rioja, Rueda, Empordà and Montsant. To do so, they select wineries that allow them to develop this project 100%, being involved in the cultivation of the plots and the selection of the grape varieties to guarantee a true Sumarroca product.


Work philosophy

Currently, Sumarroca has 464.8 hectares that allow them to supply the wineries with 100% of the grapes that they need to make wines and cavas. This way, the wineries manage to control the entire production chain, from the cultivation and harvesting to the fermentation, the coupage, the filtration and the bottling. It is evident that the winery has the most suitable and modern elements for the production of white, rosé, red and cava wines, which ansures that they have absolute control of the quality. But the most important part of Sumarroca are its vineyards and farms. The farm Finca Heretat Sabartés is located in Banyeres del Penedès (Baix Penedès). It is crowned by a 19th-century modernist mansion that was the home and palace of the Marquise of Griny, and it is now owned by the Sumarroca family. It has an extension of 25 hectares. The only varieties cultivated are Chardonnay, Muscatel, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc, planted on soils of a loamy-clay and calcareous texture, typical of the Penedés. The farm Finca Molí Coloma is located in Subirats.Together with the winery, it has an extension of 36 hectares and in it we can find a beautiful farmhouse from the 15th century with underground cellars, where cavas have been decanted and left to rest in the traditional manual stacks or "rimas". Here they cultivate they white variety Maccabeu, and also the red varieties Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Cabernet Franc, on soils comprised of sand and gravel. The farm Finca Sumarroca is located between the villages of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia and Monistrol d'Anoia (Alt Penedès), and has an extension of 403.8 hectares, with plantations of the white varieties Parellada, Maccabeu, Xarello, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscatel and Gewürztraminer, and also the red varieties Tempranillo, Merlot, Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, with soils of a clay-loamy and calcareous nature, with medium-low organic matter.

Aware of this potential, the winery began the "Viñas del Mundo" project in collaboration with the University Rovira Virgili URV and the UC Davis to study 360 varieties. The study is based on two main aspects: to identify the DNA of each variety to start a genetic database, and to be able to differentiate them from each other; and on the other hand, to carry out microvinifications of each of the varieties to select the ones with the highest quality potential among them. A whole work and development philosophy aimed at the care of a viticulture that is respectful with the environment and the recovery of the forests of the farms themselves. In short, many features that have lead Bodegas Sumarroca to achieve the ISO 9002 and the ISO 14001 certificated for environmental management.


Wines from Sumarroca

Below is the list of wines made by Sumarroca

·White wines

Sumarroca "Blanc de Blancs" is a traditional young wine from Penedès with a touch of Muscatel grapes.  It has a fresh and elegant aroma, with notes of white fruit, such as pear and Starking apples, combined with touches of orange blossom. In the mouth, it is fresh and fruity, with very pleasant nuances at the end.

Sumarroca "Temps de Flors" is a young coupage wine, with the personality, structure and elegance of the Xarello, combined with the aromatic power of the small-grain Muscatel and the Gewürztraminer varieties. Regarding its aromas, it has notes of ripe summer fruit, like peach, pear, lychee and grape, and more flowery shades, of white flowers, jasmine, orange blossom, rose and azalea. In the mouth, it is opulent, creamy, with a retronasal of primary aromas.

Sumarroca "Muscat" is a young single-variety white wine made with Muscatel. It offers an extraordinary, clean, direct aroma, with clear notes of muscatel grapes with slight hints of syrup and some nuances of aromatic herbs and garden flowers. On the palate, its natural freshness and liveliness stand out, with a fruity and young mid-palate, fragrant, and with a slight and personal vegetable touch at the end.

Sumarroca "Chardonnay" is the varietal of Chardonnay. It comes from the coupage of wines from two plots: La Mariana, with a little more than 2 hectares, planted at the end of the eighties at one end of the farm, on very poor soils with a higher concentration of ferrous clay, which gives the wine its complexity; and the farm L'Esclopé, planted at the beginning of the nineties on soils with a more calcareous nature, that gives the wine its more fresh and young side. It is a wine with a delicate aroma of sweet fruit, such as vineyard peach, apricot and pineapple. In the mouth, it has a smooth and unctuous entry, very fruity and fresh. A good structure and a very long and fruity finish.

Sumarroca "Sauvignon Blanc" is one of the classic single-varieties of Sumarroca, which has been made for more than 25 years with a mixture of grapes form their own vineyards of Sabartés and Sumarroca. It has an aroma of tropical notes like passion fruit, combined with notes of sweet Mediterranean fruits, like vineyard peach, and fresh notes, like grapefruit. In the mouth, it is fresh and tasty, with the same notes as on the nose.

Sumarroca "Gewürztraminer" is one of the classic single-varieties of Sumarroca, which as been made for more than 25 years from grapes of the plot Arnan, planted in 1985, with calcareous soils, poor in organic matter and with remainders of gravel. It has a delicate and pleasant aroma, with floral nuances of jasmine and roses, combined with fruity aromas of vineyard peach. In the mouth, it is silky and fresh, with a high intensity of flowery notes. A long and fragrant aftertaste.

Sumarroca "Tubí Or Not To Be" is a wine that combines the personality, structure, power and elegance of the varieties Gewürztraminer, Xarello, Viognier and Riesling. It has an intense aroma, notes of rose and orange blossom, mixed with fruity notes of melon, peach and mango. In the mouth, it is unctuous and intense, with lots of ripe fruit, especially peach and mango. A long and pleasant finish.

Sumarroca "Il·lògic" is a varietal of Xarello vineyards planted more than 40 years ago in the plot Queto Carretera. This plot is located in the central area of ​​the Sumarroca farm, with soils where the typical clays of the Penedès are mixed with some larger material that enable the structuring and the aeration of the soil. This wine has an elegant aroma of great complexity, with marked citrus notes of grapefruit, tropical notes of pineapple and Mediterranean notes of vineyard peach. It has a mineral background that becomes more evident in the mouth. It is velvety, with a very fresh and fruity finish.

Sumarroca "Humm" is the updated version of a sweet wine made with small-grain Muscatel from a vineyard that is over 15 years old. A powerful and elegant aroma, with fresh fruity notes from the Muscatel grape, combined with white flowers. In the mouth, it is very soft, with a sweet entry and a very fresh and persistent finish.  


·Rosé wines

Sumarroca "Rosat"is a coupage of Merlot, Tempranillo and Syrah. Aroma with notes of strawberry and raspberry, with a violet flower background. In the mouth, its velvetiness and smoothness stands out, with fruity notes that appear throughout the taste and aftertaste.

Sumarroca "Posidonia" is a rosé made with Tempranillo from the farm Molí Coloma, planted on soils with a great concentration of pebbles. It has an intense and complex aroma with fruity notes of acid strawberry and acid apple, combined with floral notes of violet and rose. In the mouth it is elegant, fresh and fruity. The fruity notes of strawberry stand out, and they appear throughout the taste and the aftertaste.


·Red wines

Sumarroca "Negre" is a young wine made with the most important red varieties of Sumarroca, such as the Merlot, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon. Intense and fruity aroma of raspberry and cherry jams, on notes of eucalyptus and fennel that denote youth. In the mouth, it is soft and velvety with an elegant intensity of raspberries and cherries. Balsamic notes appear through the mid-palate, making the wine quite refreshing. The finish is long and fruity, with notes of cherry jam.

Santa Creu de Creixa is a "vino de pago". The farm where the grapes come from is located inside the farm Sumarroca, where they mainly cultivate Red Grenache of more than 35 years old, along with Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon of approximately 20 years. It goes through the malolactic fermentation in stainless steel, and it is aged mainly in French oak barrels for 10 months. Spicy aroma with vanilla notes that are completed by a liquorice background. In the mouth, it is tasty, with very soft and integrated tannins. Prevailing notes of cherry and wild red fruit, very well combined with the most balsamic notes of liquorice.

Terral is a coupage from their own vineyards, in the search of the complexity, structure and elegance of the Cabernet Franc and the Syrah varieties, combined with a small part of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is aged in oak barrels, mainly French of single and second-use, for 12 months. It has intense ripe fruit, such as blackberries and blueberries, along with cedar and spices. In the mouth, it is structured and balanced, with concentrated flavours of ripe fruit and notes of spices.

Bòria is made with a selection of a Syrah vineyard known as Garrofer, at the farm Finca Santa Creu, along with a small part of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, also from Santa Creu. It goes through the malolactic fermentation distributed between barrels and deposits, at a temperature of 20ºC and it is aged in new oak barrels for 12 months. It has a powerful aroma, with balsamic, spicy notes, and a concentrate of black fruits, plums and cherries. In the mouth, it is meaty, full of fruity expressions, with ripe tannins and toasted notes refreshed by balsamic notes.

Temps de Fruits is a young red wine that comes from a unique and special coupage of Merlot combined with the complexity offered by the varieties Syrah, Carménère and Cabernet Franc from the farm Sumarroca. Intense and fruity aroma of cherries and raspberries, with fresh floral notes. In the mouth, it is soft and velvety, with an elegant intensity and cherry flavour. The finish is long and fruity, with notes of cherry.



Sumarroca Brut Reserva is a classic Sumarroca, with a minimum of Chardonnay (always less than 7%) added to the traditional blend of Maccabeu, Xarello and Parellada. This wine is aged for a minimum of 20 months in stacks or "rimas". A very fresh aroma, mixed fruit from the base wine, with the first notes of bakery from the two-year ageing of this cava. In the mouth, it is fruity and fresh, with fine and pleasant bubbles that are perfectly integrated in the structure of the cava.

Sumarroca Brut Rosé is made with Pinot Noir, with an ageing in stacks or "rimas" for approximately 14 months. A cava of great intensity, with elegant notes of strawberries combined with floral notes. In the mouth, it is fruity and unctuous, with a delicate finish.

Sumarroca "In Situ" is aimed at recovering the production process that was carried out in situ more than a century ago. It is made with Maccabeu, Xarello and Parellada, in almost equal parts, and it is aged in stacks or "rimas" for 16 months. On the nose, it has soft notes of fresh apple and citrus aromas, which accompany the incipient roasted and bakery aromas from the yeasts. In the mouth, it has well integrated bubbles, which give freshness to the notes of acid apple and bakery.

Temps de Flors is a traditional coupage of Maccabeu, Xarello and Parellada, all from the farm Sumarroca. It is ages in stacks or "rimas" for 16 months. On the nose, it has soft notes of fresh apple, aromas of citrus and dried flowers, which accompany the incipient roasted and bakery aromas from the yeast. In the mouth, it has well integrated bubbles, which give freshness to the notes of acid apple and bakery.

Sumarroca Brut Reserva "Ecológico" is made with the classic varieties cultivated in organically grown vineyards, and aged in stacks or "rimas" for more than 20 months. Elegant aroma of great complexity, where the notes of white fruit, like pear, fresh apple and vineyard peach from the base wine stand out, on a base of bakery notes. In the mouth, the bubbles combine with the notes of bakery, with a long and fruity finish.

Sumarroca Brut Nature Gran Reserva is a classic Sumarroca, with a minimum of Chardonnay (always less than 7%) added to the traditional blend of Maccabeu, Xarello and Parellada. This wine is aged for a minimum of 36 months in stacks or "rimas". A fresh aroma of great complexity mixed, first of all, with the notes of bakery from the 36 months of ageing of the cava, and with the light notes of fresh fruit from the base wine. In the mouth, it is fresh, soft and with a very fine bubble that is perfectly integrated, with an elegant, serious, long and dry finish, expressing al the honesty of the cava.

Sumarroca "Gran Cuvée" Brut Nature Gran Reserva is made with the best selection of Xarello, Maccabeu, Parellada and Chardonnay from the farms, the result of manual harvesting and selection table, with an ageing of more than 30 months. It has an intense aroma with a lot of fruity and creamy notes from the base wine, made mainly with Chardonnay. These notes are combined with notes of bakery from its long ageing. In the mouth, it has a very good structure and creaminess, with a fresh and dry finish. It has extremely fine bubbles that are very well integrated.

Núria Claverol "Blanc de Negres" Finca Rosendo Brut Nature Gran Reserva is the elegance of Pinot Noir in a white wine, with a long ageing of over 36 months. A very fresh aroma with mineral notes and light shades of red fruit, all provided by the Pinot Noir. On the background, it also shows light notes of very subtle bakery. In the mouth, the minerality is more marked, with a refreshing structure and notes of Asian fruit. The acidity is present in the form of freshness, and it is balanced with less presence of sugars from the liqueur d'expédition.

Núria Claverol "Allier" Finca Cols Brut Nature Gran Reserva is made mainly with the Chardonnay variety fermented in barrels made of French oak from Allier. It is completed with a small amount of Pinot Noir, with a long ageing of 36 months in stacks or "rimas". A very intense and complex aroma, where the fruity notes of the Chardonnay are mixed with light varietal toasted notes, with a long ageing, on a fragrant base of notes from its ageing in the barrel. In the mouth, it is very structured and tasty. The fruitiness of the wine prevails, with quite an interesting vanilla scent. It has a refreshing and mineral finish, provided by the small amount of Pinot Noir.

Núria Claverol Rosé Brut Nature Reserva is made with Pinot Noir from the farm Finca Molí Coloma. It is aged in stacks or "rimas" for 20 months. Its aroma has elegant notes of red fruit, like redcurrants and strawberries, with a refreshing mineral background. In the mouth, it is delicate, with a medium intensity and an elegant fineness.

Núria Claverol "Homenatge" Finca Peretes Brut Gran Reserva is a very special cava, since it bears the name of the wife of the winery's founder, and the dedication of the three children to their mother: "It is a tribute to our mother; the love for the land is a constant in her life." This cava comes from a selected plot of Xarello, with an ageing in stacks or "rimas" of around 45 months. The design of the bottle, inspired by the ancient Greek amphorae, won a prize awarded by Sumarroca and Adi-Fad in 2004. It has a unique and intense aroma, with very mineral and roasted notes that give singularity to the whole. In the mouth, it is extremely tasty, with bubbles that break up and are integrated in the cava to give it the suitable complexity. It starts with a high fruitiness and ends with very interesting fresh and mineral notes.

Situation of Sumarroca