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Rioja Classics

22/03/2023 Winemaking

The way a wine is made can determine its character, whether it is classic or modern, and one of the regions where these two different characteristics are very clear to see is Rioja, one of the [...]

Which are the most widely planted grape varieties in the world?

22/02/2023 Winemaking

With more than 10,000 registered grape varieties around the world, including table grapes and raisins, there is what can only be described as a giant tapestry of varieties. However, according to [...]

What causes sediment in wine?

15/02/2023 Winemaking

You’re likely to have occasionally come across some sediment at the bottom of the bottle or in your glass. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it’s a defective or poor quality wine. These are just win [...]

What does colour tell us about a wine?

08/02/2023 Winemaking

When we talk about colour in a wine, we can end up limiting our thoughts to the three main styles we usually choose from: white wine, rosé wine and red wine. And that’s not wrong, however, the co [...]

What do we mean when we talk about acidity in wine?

31/01/2023 Winemaking

Although a strong acidic taste can be unpleasant, it is an essential component of wine. Without it, wine would have no life about it. We can sense it through our taste buds at the back of the [...]

5 white wines with unusual charm

18/01/2023 Winemaking

Do you like white wine and are you looking for one with unusual charm? Fortunately, our collection of wine is so broad that we can offer real gems that don’t fit in the usual boxes. Not only b [...]

The best wines of 2022

28/12/2022 Breaking news , Winemaking

We are about to say goodbye to 2022 and, as usual, it is time to take stock and remember the great moments of the year. Let’s take a look together at the wines and sparkling wines that have had e [...]

Wines to finish the year in style

21/12/2022 Winemaking

The countdown begins to saying goodbye to another year. It is time to put the less pleasant moments behind us and celebrate the happy times in style, always with the hope of a new year, which is [...]

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