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  • Smooth red wine

    17/08/2022 Winemaking

    More than once, in a store or a restaurant, you’ll have heard someone ask for a smooth red wine. Or, perhaps you yourself have used the expression, especially when you were starting out in wine c [...]

  • The best affordable white wines

    20/07/2022 Winemaking

    A white wine is always a must and even more so in this hot weather. And if there’s something good about the summer is that white wines are pleasantly refreshing at any time of the day or night.  [...]

  • Summer wines

    15/06/2022 Winemaking

    After a long winter, a hot and, above all, very entertaining summer is emerging. And with the high temperatures, your body wants to go out and celebrate with your friends. On a terrace, on the [...]

  • 10 unmissable wines for under 10 euros

    08/06/2022 Winemaking

    You must be tired of hearing us say “this wine is worth more than it costs”, but that’s the simplest way to explain that an affordable wine, or even a cheap one (depending on your budget) doesn [...]

  • Wine futures, the most sought-after

    25/05/2022 Winemaking

    Buying and selling wines en primeur, or at an early stage, is a system that offers wine lovers the opportunity to acquire great brands before they are bottled and sold. By which we mean, while a [...]

  • 10 Rioja wines you should try at least once in your lifetime

    23/03/2022 Winemaking

    Rioja, Spain’s most famous and popular wine region around the world, has wines everywhere. However, we want to show you some unique, different and special wines. Wines with history and a strong r [...]

  • What do we look for when we taste a wine?

    17/02/2022 Wine service , Winemaking

    According to the Royal Spanish Academy, to taste means to try, to savour something to examine its flavour or seasoning. However, when it comes to tasting, we are not just thinking about [...]

  • What is a wine for aging?

    12/01/2022 Winemaking

    “The older the wine, the better” is one of the most widespread and popular myths among wine enthusiasts and those who are curious. While it is true that some great wines do develop strong qua [...]

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