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  • Why are bottles 75 cl.?

    07/06/2021 Wine service

    There are at least 10 different sizes of wine bottles with the most common being the 75 cl bottle. Have you ever wondered why? The answers to this question are strange and one of the most [...]

  • How do you know if a wine is in good condition?

    25/09/2020 Wine service

    Knowing whether a wine is in good condition or not is common sense. Sight, smell and taste are the best ways to find out if it there is something wrong. Although it is possible to see some [...]

  • 5 fail-safe ways to uncork wine bottles without a corkscrew

    27/08/2020 Wine service

    Written 25 August, 2020 by Silvia Arellano Relaxing, walking on the beach, out in the countryside, mini breaks. An impromptu dinner, a picnic with friends… you’ve brought the perfect wine b [...]

  • Wine for one. How to keep wine once it’s open

    04/08/2020 Wine service

    How many times have you finally been left in peace at home and you’ve wanted to celebrate with a glass of wine? Keen to open that one bottle of wine but you decide not to because you know that o [...]

  • How to serve wine

    16/07/2020 Wine service

    When serving wine, the protocol to follow is anything but free. It’s a whole service ritual which, apart from providing some psychological connotations of exalting the wine, serves, above all, t [...]

  • How to cool wine quickly. 5 failsafe tips

    15/07/2020 Wine service

    Have your guests arrived before you’ve remembered to cool the wine? Don’t panic! Here at Decántalo, we want to give you a few tips you can use to get your drinks to the right temperature as quic [...]

  • Wine glasses: how do I choose the right one?

    28/08/2019 Wine service

    Each style of wine has its own personality along with unique characteristics and qualities that we can get the most out of by using the right glass. Being pragmatic, we could drink wine from [...]

  • Wine accessories that every good wine-lover must have

    06/08/2019 Wine service

    Well, to tell you the truth, these wine accessories aren’t essential, but it’s worth saying that most of them can make your work so much easier that even MacGyver himself would be happy to give h [...]

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