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  • Wine accessories that every good wine-lover must have

    01/08/2019 Wine service

    Well, to tell you the truth, these wine accessories aren’t essential, but it’s worth saying that most of them can make your work so much easier that even MacGyver himself would be happy to give h [...]

  • Decanting

    23/10/2018 Wine service

    Decanting is the action of separating liquids from solids. Described in this way it seems to be a simple and mechanical operation, but if we’re talking about decanting in the world of wine, then [...]

  • Wine glasses: Which glass for which wine

    10/07/2018 Wine service

    After choosing the wine you want to drink, the next important decisions are searching for the correct temperature and choosing a suitable glass to enhance the virtues and hide the weaknesses of [...]

  • At what temperature should you serve your wine?

    21/04/2016 Wine service

    The right temperature to serve wine is a fairly common question, and not always, or perhaps almost never, do we manage to agree on an answer. Or worse, we only agree on one thing: white wine [...]

  • When should you decant wine?

    28/08/2014 Wine service

    The debate about the decanting of wine is long, complex, intense and is often very confusing for a wine consumer who is not used to this technique. At Decántalo, we thought it would be a good [...]

  • At what temperature should you serve each type of wine?

    18/08/2014 Wine service

    As you may have already seen, the last post was about the ideal serving temperature of wines in the summer. We won’t stray away from the subject. This post will try to shed some light on the o [...]

  • The ideal serving temperature for summer wine

    18/08/2014 Wine service

    The ideal serving temperature of wine is of vital importance for its correct consumption, even moreso during the summer. Ideal serving temperatures will depend on the perception of the wine’s a [...]

  • Cork or synthetic and screw tops?

    19/04/2011 Wine service

    From the ancient Greece, cork tops and wine come always together. But it was not until the 17th century that its use was spread. It was the Benedictine monk Don Perignon who had the idea of [...]

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