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Sauvignon Blanc day, a celebration of this leading white variety

Since 2010, every first Friday in May has been World Sauvignon Blanc Day, the perfect occasion to remember how lovely this variety is and celebrate with the excellent wines it makes. The third most planted white variety, this is an exceptional grape that grows extremely well in different regions of the world. Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Austria, to name but a few. You can enjoy a fabulous Sauvignon Blanc wine in just about every corner of the world, with the wines varying depending where they come from. Chardonnay undoubtedly reigns supreme when it comes to white varieties, but Sauvignon Blanc sits comfortably behind it thanks to its intoxicating power. These wines have fresh and delicious notes on the nose and on the palate that are like taking a walk through a freshly cut pasture. Here are a few examples:

6 wines to celebrate World Sauvignon Blanc Day

Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc

If New Zealand is known for one thing, it is Sauvignon Blanc. The international epicentre of this variety, Sauvignon Blanc has put this country on the winemaking map. Dog Point Vineyard lies in the Wairau Valley, in Marlborough, the leading wine region. This project was set up in 2002 and stands out for working the Sauvignon Blanc variety in a unique way. Their Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc is a vibrant and highly perfumed premium white wine. See for yourself.

Muster Gräfin

Sepp & Maria Muster are a winemaking couple completely dedicated to biodynamic agriculture on their family estate in southern Styria (Austria). Their Muster Gräfin, a wine made in the home of orange wine, is the result of rigorously following a philosophy of “less is more”. A magnificent, aromatic and dense but refreshing Sauvignon Blanc made through skin-contact maceration that is described by its own creators as a wine that connects you directly with heaven and earth.

Didier Dagueneau Pur Sang

Given that the Sauvignon Blanc variety grows perfectly in the French Loire Valley, we couldn’t not include a wine from this region. This is where Didier Dagueneau, a prestigious winegrower and pioneer of biodynamic agriculture works one of one of the best crus in the AOC Pouilly Fumé. Didier Dagueneau Pur Sang, is a Sauvignon Blanc cuvée whose name “purebred” honours its pure and powerful character.

Foss Marai Surfine Brut Cuvée

A prosecco always brightens the day. And if you open something from one of the leading Italian sparkling wine producers, success is guaranteed. From an extensive selection of quality products, Foss Marai Surfine Brut Cuvée is a young, delicate and fresh sparkling wine made through the traditional charmat method. A wine that turns the Sauvignon Blanc variety into an authentic prosecco from the heart of Veneto.

Kalfu Sumpai Sauvignon Blanc 2018

It is worth paying attention to Chilean Sauvignon Blanc wines because the Atacama wine region has been producing some great ones. This project was set up by Felipe Tosso, an enterprising winemaker who immediately realised the winemaking potential of the Chilean valleys, and he now produces modern-style wines with their own personality. Named Kalfu Sumpai Sauvignon Blanc, ‘Kalfu’ means ‘blue’ in the Mapuche language and is a nod to the strong oceanic influence. Fresh, vibrant and salty.

Passionate about José Pariente

To end this celebration, here is something sweet. Apasionado de José Pariente is a single variety Sauvignon Blanc that pleasantly surprises. Made by one of the great wineries of the DO Rueda, it is a sweet wine that moves away from traditional proposals and stands out for its innovative style. An aromatic, sweet and fresh wine that is sure to catch people’s attention.

On a day like today, lots of wine lovers want to join in and share a moment or a photo of their #SauvBlancDay. If that’s you, pick up your glass, grab your phone and show the world your passion. Or if you’re just someone who loves to enjoy good wines, then this is the perfect excuse to dive into the fragrant world of Sauvignon Blanc. What are you waiting for?