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How to uncork a wine and not die trying

27/04/2022 Wine service

Are you one of those who would exclaim, “Not without my electric corkscrew!” every time you have to open a bottle of wine? Do you get stage fright when all you have to hand is a two-step corkscrew (waiter’s corkscrew) and you lack the MacGyver skills to figure out how it works? 

Don’t panic! We’re going to explain, in a quick and easy way, why the two-step corkscrew could be your best friend when it comes to uncorking a bottle of wine without needing to have a PhD in Engineering or being a Master of Wine. 

Let’s go!

Uncorking a wine doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, rather, this can be a very sensual moment, the prelude that announces a moment of enjoyment, so it must be done with love and care.

Nowadays there are many different types of corkscrews, but one of the most professional and practical (you can take it anywhere and it hardly takes up any space) is the two-step corkscrew, also known as a “waiter's corkscrew”, which allows us to open bottles with minimum effort and maximum cleanliness.

With a small knife or cutter included with the corkscrew, carefully cut the base of the ring around the circumference of the mouth of the bottle to cut the metal cap. Then make a small vertical cut (from the base of the already cut circumference towards the mouth of the bottle) to remove the capsule and expose the cork. 

Once the mouth of the bottle is uncovered, put the small knife away and open out the corkscrew (the metal spiral) and, guiding it with your fingers, place it right in the centre of the cork. The central position and a vertical turn will guarantee a successful uncorking, because that stops the corkscrew going in at an angle and stops the cork from breaking when levering it out. 

And the most complicated part is over. Now let’s move on to the first half of our corkscrew. You’ll see that it has two resting points that are used for leverage. Place the first over the mouth of the bottle and lift the handle of the corkscrew, without forcing it, for leverage. You’ll see how the cork starts to come out. Repeat this process with the second resting point that will now be at the right level to rest on the mouth of the bottle and then move the lever upwards, little by little, and the cork will be ready to come out. To finish, you can hold the cork in your hand and pull it out slowly, so that it doesn’t break.

With this video from Wine Folly, everything will become clear and you’ll see how easy it is.

And that’s it! You can now enjoy your wine. 

Remember that practice makes perfect, that’s why at Decántalo we have all the bottles you could possibly need to practice so you can become a skilled and very professional cork remover.

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