Ron Varadero 15 Years

Ron Varadero 15 Years
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Ron Varadero 15 Years

Available sizes of Ron Varadero 15 Years

  • Ron Varadero 15 Years
    49,95 IVA inc.

  • Ron Varadero 15 Years
    49,95 IVA inc.

Characteristics of Ron Varadero 15 Years

Santiago de Cuba is the birthplace of rum. It is there that in 1862, with the support of the Spanish crown, "light traditional rum" came into being. "Traditional" because it comes from molasses, extracted from fine Cuban sugar cane; "light" because it is clean and naturally distilled to a reach a perfect level of alcohol by volume (ABV).
This is the drink that, in just over a century, conquered the world and put Santiago de Cuba and its distillery on the map as the birthplace of rum. In 1959 the heirs of Bacardi, who had trademarked their drink in the Bahamas, left Cuba.

The Distilleria and its maestros roneros continue to make its famous rum in the traditional manner. Ron Varadero is registered as the trademark of the Santiago distilleria, and its logo recalls the symbolic "red sun" .

This very special rum was created by Ron Varadero to give real connoisseurs an exceptional experience. Ciego de Avila is a Reserve rum which has been aged for 15 years. By the time it is hand bottled, 30 years will have passed since its aguardiente was first distilled. Enjoy it in a wide open glass to enjoy its extraordinary aroma.

Tasting notes Ron Varadero 15 Years

Sight A shining dark colour. Nose Light, smooth and balanced aromas. Taste Smooth on the palate leaving a nice flavour of ageing.


Production area Cuba

Distillery Varadero

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