Portobello Road Gin

Portobello Road Gin
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Portobello Road Gin

Available sizes of Portobello Road Gin

  • Portobello Road Gin
    27,15 IVA inc.

  • Portobello Road Gin
    27,15 IVA inc.

Characteristics of Portobello Road Gin

Portobello Road Gin was created by the award winning Portobello Star bar in Notting Hill. It's a London Dry Gin, made the old fashioned way, with botanicals and traditional spices that are reminiscent of older gins: juniper berries, lemon peel, bitter orange peel, coriander seeds, yellow iris, angelica root, cassia bark, liquorice and nutmeg.
This gin is sold in simple bottles with a label inspired by old gin packaging. Each bottle is individually numbered and signed by the owners of the bar. Portobello Road Gin is a product that is handmade in small batches.
Alcohol: 42.0%

Tasting notes Portobello Road Gin

Sight Clear. Nose A white pepper aroma with lots of juniper. Taste Well integrated spices with a good dose of juniper. Flavours of mellow lemongrass with a touch of red fruit. A dry citrus finish that is both refreshing and purifying.


Production area England

Distillery Portobello Star

Other spirits from production area England