Old Raj 55% Gin

Old Raj 55% Gin
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Old Raj 55% Gin

Available sizes of Old Raj 55% Gin

  • Old Raj 55% Gin
    27,55 IVA inc.

  • Old Raj 55% Gin
    27,55 IVA inc.

Characteristics of Old Raj 55% Gin

Scottish gin made by traditional distillation. The botanics in its recipe are lemon and orange peel, coriander, juniper, cassius, ground almonds, angelica root, iris root and saffron.
Alcohol: 55.0%

Tasting notes Old Raj 55% Gin

Sight Golden yellow tone. Nose Citrus and juniper felt, with final notes of dried fruit. Taste Very dry and slightly spicy flavour.


Production area Scotland

Distillery William Cadenhead Ltd.

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