Old English Gin

Old English Gin
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Old English Gin

Available sizes of Old English Gin

  • Old English Gin
    43,75 IVA inc.

  • Old English Gin
    43,75 IVA inc.

Characteristics of Old English Gin

Old English Gin is made using a recipe from 1783, distilling eleven botanicals in England's oldest functional still.
At the time, England was the biggest importer of Champagne and consumers would buy Champagne bottles full of gin in specialised gin stores. The quality and flavour of the gin depended on the supplier and on whether it was stored in bottles or barrels. The gin stored in barrels had wood notes and characteristic aromas developed over its time in the barrel.

Old English Gin is made in Champagne bottles with organic sealing and silk print, as in 1783, to relive the way English gin used to be made and distributed.

Alcohol: 44.0%

Tasting notes Old English Gin

Sight Crystal. Nose A complex and deep aroma with touches of juniper, musk and wet herbs. Taste The juniper, citric notes, sweet lemon and orange rind are prominent. Mellow and silky. A mid palate with notes of nutmeg, clove and a touch of floral sweetness. A long, slightly warm finish. Very pleasant and complex.


Production area England

Distillery Hammer & Son Ltd

Other spirits from production area England