The world of Spanish wine 

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  • Designations of Origin 

    Designations of Origin 

    Spain is a country with a wide wine culture, with 23 Designations of Origin spread all over the country. Discover what makes them unique, which grape varieties are grown in each of them and what kind of Spanish wine they produce.

  • Wineries 


    More than 500 Spanish wineries which, for centuries, have passionately produced the best Spanish wines. Discover where they are, their story and which wines they produce.

  • Grape Varieties 

    Grape Varieties 

    Spanish wine grape varietes from A to Z. Information on both red and white grape varieties, on the stocks, the soil in which they are grown and the wine produced out of them.

  • Glossary


    Glossary on the world of Spanish wine. Visit this glossary if you want to learn more about the terminology used in the world of wine of Spain.

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