Laphroaig Select

Laphroaig Select
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Laphroaig Select

Available sizes of Laphroaig Select

  • Laphroaig Select
    33,95 IVA inc.

  • Laphroaig Select
    33,95 IVA inc.

Characteristics of Laphroaig Select

Laphroaig Select is a scottish whisky from Islay produced by the Laphroaig Distillery. The distillery, which is over 200 years old, is located on the island of Islay, the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides.

Laphroaig Select is inspired by Ian Hunter, one of the most important distillers in history. Iain was the last member of his family that owned the distillery and who on the way to Bourbon discovered new American oak barrels that would bring new flavours and greater consistency to the whiskey produced at the distillery.

The production of Laphroaig Select pays hommage to the early work of Ian Hunter. After the distilling process is carried out using traditional methods, the whiskey is aged in different varieties of barrels: American oak barrels, barrels used for Oloroso de Jérez, Bourbon barrels as well as casks used for Pedro Ximénez.

By maturing in several barrels, the distillery is able to creat 6 different combinations of different flavours. Laphroaig Select is the result of a careful choise by the distillery from these 6 different combinations. 

Alcohol: 40.0%

Tasting notes Laphroaig Select

Sight An attractive golden yellow. Very vibrant and expressive. Nose Good intense aroma. Fragrances of fruit and marked by its presence in the barrels. Taste Strong on the palate whilst being full-bodied and somewhat sweet. Moving to a dry undertone with memories of its time in the European barrels.


Production area Scotland

Distillery Laphroaig Distillery

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