Guelbenzu Evo

Guelbenzu Evo
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Guelbenzu Evo
Red wine Reserva.

Available vintages of Guelbenzu Evo

  • Guelbenzu Evo 2010
    10,45 €/u
    10,95 IVA inc.

  • Guelbenzu Evo 2010
    10,95 IVA inc.
    10,45 €/u
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Characteristics of Guelbenzu Evo

Guelbenzu Evo 2010 is a red wine from the Ribera del Queiles produced by the Guelbenzu winery. This winery has 46 hectares of vineyards located in the village of Vierlas, in the Valley of Queiles, in the province of Zaragoza.

Guelbenzu Evo is a red wine made primarily from Cabernet Sauvignon and tinged with a touch of Merlot and Tempranillo.

For processing, the vinification of each variety is done separately, characterised by a long maceration with its skins before proceeding to the final blend in barrels.

Aging takes place in new French oak barrels for 12 months.

We recommend aerating the wine half an hour before serving.

Alcohol: 14.5%
Serve at 16ºC
Sheep cheese, Beans and pulses, Stews, Game birds, Stew, Roasted red meats

Tasting notes Guelbenzu Evo

Sight Dark cherry, middle layer. Bright and clean. Nose Medium-high, with aromas of red and black fruit and a marked vegetable character. Notes of liquorice, menthol and vegetables. A background of toasted notes with hints of vanilla and coffee. Taste Good entry, nice and tasty. Expressive fruitiness. Good acidity and round tannins. Good persistence.
Sight Dark and intense cherry colour with scarlet edges. Clean and bright wine with a high robe and elegant fairly dense tears. Nose Marked vegetal aromas softened by the notes of black fruit and wood. Before swirling the glass, the vegetable notes (intense aromas of green pepper, leaves and undergrowth) are intense and show a soft spicy nuance. When it opens up, the expressive notes of black fruit are released and become quite ripe. The mineral notes also appear along with good toasted aromas and hints of vanillam, tobacco, coffee and a great touch of liquorice. Taste This red wine from Ribera de Queiles is soft, silky, well balanced and well structured. It has a long, warm, powerful and at the same time light, fleshy and fresh mid palate. The fruit is more expressive than in the nose and it is released along with abundant spicy nuances. A wine with a correct acidity, polished tannins and a good persistence.
Sight Brigh, intense and dark cherry red colour with maroon edges. High robe and elegant tears. Nose Elegant and powerful aromas. Its abundant notes of ripe fruit are released along with elegant roasted aromas and soft spicy nuances and smoked and floral hints. Mineral background. Taste Elegant and balanced red wine with a powerful attack and a warm and fleshy and at the same time light and fresh mid palate, in which the presence of fruit is dominant. Its highly marked tannins provide it with a bitter and astringent touch.
Sight Intense and deep cherry red. Bright wine. Nose Aromas of black fruit with toasty, mineral and softly spiced nuances. Taste With a powerful attack, this red wine is elegant and balanced. With a warm and meaty palate, at the same time light and fresh, its fruit stands out above everything else. The tannins are very marked, giving even a bitter and astringent touch.


  • Decántalo 90
  • Peñin 87
  • Decántalo 90
  • Parker 90
  • Peñin 87
  • Decántalo 90

Ratings for the vintages from the D.O. VT Ribera del Queiles

2010 Good
2008 Good
2007 Very good
2006 Good
2005 Good
2004 Good
2003 Good
2002 Good
2001 Very good
2000 Very good
1999 Very good
1998 Good
1997 Good
1996 Good
1995 Good
1994 Good
1993 Good
1992 Good
1991 Good
1990 Good
1989 Good
1988 Excellent
1987 Good
1986 Good
1985 Good


D.O. VT Ribera del Queiles

Winery Guelbenzu

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