Atteca Armas

Atteca Armas
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Atteca Armas
Red wine Crianza. 18 months in French oak barrels.
  • Winery: Ateca
  • D.O.: Calatayud
  • Variety: Garnacha Tinta
  • Volume: 75 cl.

Available vintages of Atteca Armas

  • Atteca Armas 2013
    Out of stock!
    28,90 €/u
    30,40 IVA inc.

  • Atteca Armas 2013
    30,40 IVA inc.
    28,90 €/u
    Out of stock!

Characteristics of Atteca Armas

Atteca Armas is a red wine produced by Bodega Ateca in Calatayud.

Bodega Ateca
belongs to Juan Gil Bodegas Familiares group, responsible for the development in various denominations for producing well-known wines such as Juan Gil, Clio and La Atalaya.

Atteca Armas is a varietal made from Garnacha. The grapes come from a small plot of 2.5 hectares of old vines more than 100 years old, with a very low yield, which produce very concentrated grapes. They have great aroma and flavour.

The soils consist of rock, gravel and clay slate, and are exposed to a continental climate with strong contrasts in temperature. Cold winters and hot summers.

After a rigorous selection, the grape are macerated before fermentation, which occurs in small stainless steel tanks.

Atteca Armas undergoes an 18-month aging in French oak barrels. Atteca Armas is a wine from Calatayud with character, with much colour, rich aromas and a powerful, tasty and very fruity palate.

Possibly one of the best wines from this appellation. There is a very limited production of 3,600 bottles due to the small size of the farm from which the grapes come and the rigorous selection process.

Alcohol: 16.0%

Tasting notes Atteca Armas

Sight Deep cherry red. Nose Intense and attractive nose. Ripe fruit, roasted and spicy notes from the barrel with a mineral taste from the slate soil where the vine grows. Taste The taste is a complex, fruity, powerful and elegant. Well-bodied but soft at the same time, very sweet. A great presence of fruit. Very marked tannins.
Sight Intense dark cherry colour. Bright. Dense tear with a good flow. Nose It is very attractive, intense and full in the nose. Initially, it leaves lots of ripe fruit notes. When swirling the glass, its fruity power appears with touches of spicy and toasted provided by the good quality oak during its ageing. Finally it releases some mineral hints provided by the slate. Taste Tasty, fruity and elegant. A very comprehensive and powerful red wine, with a silky and fresh palate. Lots of souvenirs of the fruit. Very long finish.
Sight Deep cherry color. Nose Rich aromas of ripe red fruit (raspberry, plum), with spicy notes (vanilla, licorice, cocoa) from the aging in barrels. Taste In Step by mouth is full and noble, fresh and crisp with good structure and memories of the fruity aromas.


  • Decántalo 92
  • Parker 89
  • Peñin 93
  • Decántalo 90
  • Parker 90
  • Peñin 92
  • Parker 87
  • Peñin 93
  • Parker 91
  • Peñin 92
  • Winespectator 91
  • Decántalo 91
  • Peñin 89
  • Decántalo 92
  • Peñin 90


Gold Medal, Grenaches du Monde

Ratings for the vintages from the D.O. Calatayud

2013 Very good
2012 Excellent
2011 Excellent
2010 Excellent
2009 Very good
2008 Good
2007 Very good
2006 Good
2005 Excellent
2004 Very good
2003 Molt bona
2002 Good
2001 Very good
2000 Very good
1999 Good
1998 Good
1997 Satisfactory
1996 Very good
1995 Good


D.O. Calatayud

Winery Ateca

The history and legendary Camino de Santiago to Navarra, with the resulting French and Central European cultural influence in the area, influenced in the Middle Ages the tradition of unique wines, centred on the use of the Garnacha Tinta grape variety. The modernisation of wineries, the careful choice of the vineyards, the incorporation of noble varieties, and the commitment of winemakers seeking more flavour instead of alcohol, has led to a new generation of Calatayud wines, which are fine, elegant and very personal.