Bodega Dehesa de los Canónigos

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Gegründet im Jahr 1988

Ctra. Renedo-Pesquera Km. 39
47315 Pesquera de Duero

Herkunftsbezeichnungen, wo dieses Weingut Wein oder Cava herstellt.

Herkunftsbezeichnung Ribera del Duero

Telefon 983 484 001

Dieses Weingut bietet Führungen an.


The clergy was the first owner of the property, which belonged to the Cabildo of Cathedral of Valladolid, composed of 22 canons (canónigos in Spanish), hence its name. It is located within the municipality of Pesquera de Duero and was described by its boundaries: on the east by the Indian creek, on the west with the meadow which was the monastery of Bernardo de Valbuena and on the north by land Valdemadera, term of Fisheries and the high mountain, and half a day with the Douro River. Inside it was a woodland species such as pine, oak, oak and juniper trees. The winery, founded in 1988, is a collection of small buildings grouped around a house that is still home and the owner today that Luis Sanz, lives with his family. The whitewashed walls, the low of the buildings and the architectural structure in the form of "U" give it a Basque Castilian air, like an ancient meadow flourishing past.

Rotwein Bodega Dehesa de los Canónigos

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